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"I have friends that are Photographers, why should I choose you?"

I was actually asked this question this week from a potential client. I didn't hesitate to answer her. I was actually excited that she asked me that. Everyone knows a photographer! Why would you choose me when your friend could do it? Why would you choose me when your friend is less expensive or perhaps even free? I'll tell you why.

First, I'm more professional than 90% of most photographers out there, period. I really believe that. I know a lot of photgraphers myself. I have to say most, not all, but most of them don't really care about their clients needs. They get paid and they move on.

I just can't do that. It's not in my dna. You see, I'm kind of OCD and a little ADHD. For you, that's a great thing. I OBSESS about creating amazing shoot for my clients.

First, I look over their website, Facebook and Instagram. I see what their clientel looks like. I see what photos are already on their sites. Then, I look at it from a customer point of view. What would I want to see from them if I were their customer.

Then, I look at it from a business owner's point of view. What would I want to get out of the shoot? What do I want to get for the money that I'm spending? Are the photos going to bring in more business?

I also look at it from a creative, photographers point of view. I don't want to just get "mug shots". NOOOOO way! Those are the worst! I want to see my clients website come to life. I want their customers to get to know them before they even meet them.

Lastly, when the shoot ends, the real fun begins. You see, I've not only formed a business relationship, I've formed a friendship. I really want to see all of my clients succeed and grow their business.

How do I do that? I promote them. I SHARE their Facebook posts with my friends. I TAG them on Instagram. I refer many friends to them. I use their services. I feel like they're an extention of my business so I want everyone to get to know them.

One of the biggest things that I do for my clients is put a DIRECT link from MY website to THEIR website. I don't know of any other photographer that does that.

So if you really want your friend who is a "photographer" to take your photos, go ahead. That's your choice to do so. Just ask yourself if your friend is going to just take photos or if they're going to help grow your business. When you ask that, call me because we both know what the answer will be.

~Michelle Fairless

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