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"She's a very passionate person"

Over the years, I've heard one word over and over again from many people used to describe me. It's "passionate". I think that's a pretty good description.

I've always been the silly, playful, full of life, loving person. Always up for an adventure. Never one to say no to a challenge. Always looking to laugh, smile and love deeply. I hope that comes across in my work with my clients. Being an Orange County Family Photographer, there are so many beautiful places to explore. I like to have fun at all of them.

As far as Family photos go, I think people often have in their head what they think family photos should look like. Every singe time I start to photograph a family, they all stand in a line and hold hands. Don't get me wrong, I take that shot. I don't like it but I take it to put the family at ease so they know that I did get that shot that they had in their mind. That's never the one that they purchase by the way.

I immediately tell them to relax, play and just forget that I'm there. I'll take care of the rest. I think that's when the magic begins. That's when you see personalities come out. I immediately know which kid is the goofy one. Which one is the thinker. Which one is the shy one, etc. I work with all of those personalities to bring out the best in each one. Same goes with mom and dad too.

I'm always sad when my clients pick up their orders, wall portraits, prints, fine art albums, etc. I know that I won't see them for a little while. They all become my friends though, so I keep in touch until their next session. It's fun to see the little ones grow so fast.

If people only knew the million miles a minute, crazy, random thoughts that go through my head daily, you'd understand my love for photography. It's a way for me to have fun expressing my creativeness and others get to be a part of it. just happened. I jumped from photographing, to picking up photos back to photographing. LOL! That's me! All over the place but doing it so passionately. Haha!!

So, get out. Live life. Love deeply. Laugh often. Be silly and captures those fun memories of your family. You'll never regret it. You'll love those photos more and more as the years go by.

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