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Put your phones down & enjoy your party

How many times have you hosted a special event and tried to do everything only to find out at the end of the evening, you can't remember anything? I know I've done that. Being a good host but missing out on spending time with my guests.

Recently I photographed a going away party for a High School Senior. She was moving from California to attend school in Idaho. All of her family was there to celebrate this special day with her. Friends, family, cousins, even her pre-school teacher was there to celebrate with her.

At one point, the mom said "I need to ask you a favor?". I said, "anything". She said "there are a few family members here that have not spoken to each other in over a decade. I don't know when or if they'll speak to each other again or when they will ever be together. Could you please get them together and take some photos for me?".

Not only did I, a neutral party, bring them together, everyone was smiling and happy. I think it was a great step towards some kind of healing. I was also very observent and realized that there were 4 generations at the party. I gathered everyone together and took some very special photos of grandma, son, daughter & great grand daughter. Special photos that I know will be cherished forever.

When my friend saw all of the photos, she said she cried her eyes out. She also told me that she didn't realize how many special moments are happening during special occasions. She not only would not have noticed many of them while they were happening, it would have been impossible for her to take all of the photos and be a good host. That's where I shine. Now they are forever documented in beautiful, professional keepsake photos to be enjoyed for generations to come.

So put your cell phones down, put away your pocket cameras, hire a professional photographer and enjoy your party. What a wonderful gift to give yourself or to to give a friend.

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