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So you want to get naked?

It's almost Valentine's Day which means it's Boudoir Season. The look of confusion on peoples face when they hear the word Boudoir! What exactly does that mean? To most people it means to be photographed in the nude. Google photos of boudoir and that's mostly what you'll see. On second thought...don't! Haha!

My idea of boudoir photography simply means to photograph women in a way that makes her feel their sexiest, their most confident, their most secure and their most empowered. I want them to look back at their photos and think "damn.....I looked amazing!".

Listen carefully because this is so is about great composition and great lighting. I can't stress this enough when it comes to boudoir. You HAVE to get this right or you could really do a woman a disservice. There's an art to boudoir photography that can not be compromised. All women, every shape and size are beautiful. As an artist, it's my job to capture their best features with the most flattering light.

How to prepare for your photo shoot. First, professional hair & make-up is so important. I'm grateful to work with 3 of the most amazing make-up artists/stylists in Orange County. Don't over think your wardrobe. A beautiful bra, panty, bustier and a great pair of heels are all that you need. Be sure your nails, fingers & toes are nicely polished. DON'T spray tan!!!

Last thing, relax and let's have fun! If you've never done a boudoir photo shoot, you don't know what you're missing. Every woman deserves to be pampered and to feel like a goddess for a day. The photos are a gift for the man in your life but let's be honest, they're a gift for you too. You deserve it!

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